Frequently Asked Questions

What is the best way to write out my guest list?

There are two ways to do this - either in Excel or Word. In Excel, be sure to include a column for the inner envelope. Also, include a column numbering the list. The advantage of using Excel is that you can keep the names in alphabetical order, which will help avoid duplicates. You should be able to print your list in landscape format on a normal sized sheet of paper. Do not add additional columns for children on the inner envelope. Put a slash between the names, and I will know to put them on two separate lines: Mr. and Mrs. Smith/ Jim and Mary.

In Word, type your addresses in this format:

1. Mr. and Mrs. Robert Smith
123 Main Street
Jackson, Mississippi 39876

Mr. and Mrs. Smith

Do not abbreviate states, street names, or salutations. Usually, middle names are not used unless the person is referred to by their middle name. "Guest" and "family" are lower case.

I will follow exactly the way you have written the guest list, so it needs to be correct. Please double and triple check spelling. Refer to the etiquette section or the Crane's Wedding Blue Book for all your etiquette questions.

How do I place an order?

Call or email to check availability. Mail your envelopes to me. Remember to order at least 10 percent extra. I will let you know when they arrive. Include your guest list or you can email it. I will address them and mail them back to you.

How to do I choose appropriate stationary for calligraphy?

Paper quality is important. The paper must not be able to absorb the ink or cause it to bleed. Ask your stationer before ordering invitations if the envelopes will be suitable for calligraphy. Recycled paper is usually porous, so not a good choice for pen and ink calligraphy.

How long will the order take?

Allow at a minimum one week for every 100 envelopes plus mail time. Turnaround time for all work will depend on my schedule so please inquire first. Invitations should be mailed out approximately 6-8 weeks before your wedding, so plan accordingly when you order your invitations.

Can you customize a font to match my wedding invitation?

Yes. Allow an extra week lead time for this. Send me a copy of your invitation by mail or email scanned copy. I will work up a sample to be emailed back to you for your approval.


Insured priority mail is the recommended safe and secure way of sending your envelopes to me worry free. I will let you know that they arrived safely. Free return shipping on orders of over 100 envelopes. For all other orders, standard shipping rates apply.

Payment information

I accept checks, money orders, Paypal. For order that have to be mailed, a 50% deposit is required at the time of booking to be put on my schedule. If you are paying your final payment by check, please allow a few days for your check to arrive before I mail your order back to you.


Late addresses or corrections can be emailed.